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With weekly jackpots running up to millions of rands, a ticket in the South African Lotto and Powerball might just allow you to fulfill your wildest dreams!


There are thousands of South African lotto winners each week and it is no surprise that the SA Lotto and Powerball is as popular as ever. It has never been this easy to become a millionaire in a second.   

Draws for the SA Lotto take place twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  To purchase a single entry, six numbers need to be chosen each ranging from 1 to 52.

Draws for the SA Powerball take place weekly on Tuesday and Friday. To purchase a single entry, five numbers need to be chosen each ranging from 1 to 45 and one powerball number ranging from 1 to 20.

All prizes are tax-free and paid to you in lump sums, including the jackpot.

For your chance to win big in the SA Lotto and Powerball please click here.

After selecting your numbers, cross your fingers and hope for the payout that can change the rest of your life.

Someone has to WIN and it JUST MIGHT BE YOU...


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